Based overseas
We are seeking supporters

Consultants / Marketers / Accounting / Logistics / Distribution expansion / Human Resources / Management

Do you have concerns like these?

  • Want to support the overseas development of Japanese brands

  • Seeking a partner in Japan

  • Want to find more consulting clients

  • Want to provide support specialized in expertise rather than front-end operations

  • As an independent consultant, want to gain more experience

  • Want to work in Japan

Value of the partner system

  • Introduction of projects

    We will introduce you to our clients' projects. In regions where we do not provide support, you may have to interact directly.

  • Support as a single team

    As one team, we comprehensively support clients. We are recruiting specialists from various fields such as planning, design, development, production, inspection, logistics, marketing, PR, etc.

  • Combine areas of expertise

    By combining your area of expertise with ours, we can provide support for our clients.

We need your help to expand our business. First, how about having a casual conversation online?


Contact us through the application form
Please feel free to contact us through the form. Please provide a brief profile of yourself when you do.
Document screening
We will check and if there are no issues, we will contact you from our side to arrange an online meeting.
Online meeting
Please visit our office (Kudanshita Office), or arrange a meeting online via Zoom, Google Meets, etc.
Discussion of projects
When we can assign clients that match your specialty and area, we will contact you again.
Project start
The project will start after the conclusion of a service agreement and NDA.

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